Montag, 16. April 2012

lovely city !

Hey guys!
As you may have already read, i was in London for a week, so i thought i have to write this post in english.
First i like to say, that i LOVE this city. I was there last summer, too, and after that i knew, that i have to go there more often. Here are some pictures of this lovely town, i hope you like them and aren't mad or something like that if there are many mistakes in this text. :)

You're so big, Ben!
Trafalgar Square - one of my favorite places
GEE-STREET?! it couldn't be cooler
This squirrel is born as a poser, isn't it?

Really hope you like them and i wish you a nice week with lovely people you would never let go.
See you and Bye Bye, Pia :)

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